Laurent Godon, sculptor and ambience designer

The innovative designs he has created over the past 30 years have permitted Laurent Godon, president and founder of Les Entreprises Laurent Godon, to make quite a name for himself in Québec in the fields of exterior decoration and events management.

An internationally acclaimed artist at the height of his powers, Laurent Godon is also a topnotch resource for festivals and corporate events. He has a solid reputation, and offers consulting services for the production of plans and estimates.

Choosing Les Entreprises Laurent Godon means opting for the expertise of a professional ice sculpting artist who held the title of the world’s fastest sculptor in the Guinness Book of Records from 1992 to 1996. It also means choosing the quality and the talent of a gold medal artist in both New Zealand (1995) and China (1993).

Nicolas Godon, an impresive ice sculptor

Laurent Godon’s son Nicolas, the company’s next generation, is currently the youngest professional ice sculptor in Québec.

Having inherited the undeniable talent of his father, Nicolas already has an impressive track record with many live shows, unique and original ice creations as well as significant involvement in his region and community. In 2011, he met a personal endurance challenge by creating 24 sculptures in 24 hours for the Tremblant 24h of Skiing, which allowed him to give a generous donation to the Fondation Tremblant.